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  • Why We Are The Best
    Our factory hardware products continue to introduce new, mainly stainless steel fire door handle, hidden door handle, disc pull ring, bathroom instructions twist, furniture handle, glass door handle, bathroom glass accessories, push hand plate, door top and so on. Welcome to map to sample production.
    Customize personality
    To adapt to different customers to provide personalized design
    Reasonable offer
    To provide customers with a reasonable cost quote
    Production and distribution
    On-demand production and delivery of goods to the customer's hands
    Development and innovation
    Develop new products and technologies for market and customer needs
    Feedback service
    24 hours to receive customer feedback to solve the problem after-sales
    Project hot products
    Address: No.2 Shanqikeng Park, Xianhecun Village, Huangbian,Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province.         Tel: +86-750-3729869         E-mail:huaxin87322@163.com
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